About us

Tourist Information Center, Haskovo

Address: Haskovo,  Rakovski Blvd. 1A

Tel./Fax: 038 666 444

E-mail: tourism.haskovo@gmail.com

Website: www.visithaskovo.com/

Facebook:  Tourist information center - Haskovо / Туристически информационен център


Offered services:

• information on tourist attractions, cultural, sporting, business and entertainment events;

• information about hotels and other accommodation in Haskovo and the region;

• information on schedules of different types of passenger transport, taxi services, accessibility to tourist sites, banks, exchange bureaus, licensed local transport companies;

• information on museums, cultural and architectural monuments, historical and natural phenomena;

• publishing and distributing printed and electronic media for information on shelter, food, entertainment, attractions, etc .;

• sale of souvenirs;

• sale of tourist atlases, guides, road maps, etc .;

• sale of audiovisual audio and video materials with advertising and informative character.

Working hours: Monday- Friday  8:30 - 17:00