Игра Опознай родния край - Хасково

 Get to know your homeland
/1/. The movement „Get to know your homeland” is part of national Bulgarian movement “Get to know Bulgaria - 100 national tourist places and objects”.
/2/. The aim of the movement is mainly local people to get to know the most significant tourist sites, whitch can be found closest to them. The idea behinfd the movement is to enrich the knowledge, like a step towards  deeper exploring the rich cultural-historical and natural heritage  of Haskovo region.
/3/. Special guide has been made with the most significant tourist sites, which are located in Haskovo region, for the realization of the movement on that theritory. The guide includes also the tourist sites of national movement “Get to know Bulgaria - 100 NTOs”, which are located in Haskovo region.
/4/. It’s possible to take stamp for part of the sites in the guide. 
/5/. Every participant who has visited all the sites in Haskovo area and has stamped fully his guide, will receive “Get to know your homeland” badge.
/6/. Holders of the “Get to know your homeland” badge are participating in a special lottery with many prizes.
/7/. The badges and prizes should be taken by the office of Tourist Information Center-Haskovo.
Rights and obligations:
Participant, who has gathered all stamps, participates in annual prize lottery, which will be held annually in December in Tourist Information Center - Haskovo.
The Winners in the lottery will receive the prizes up to 60 calendar days after chooing the winners..
Participated sited:
1. Monument "Virgin Mary with Child" - Haskovo
2. The Regional History Museum - Haskovo
3. Church “Uspenie Bogorodichno ”- Uzundjovo village
4. Alexandrоvo Tomb - Aleksandrovo village
5. The historical museum - Dimitrovgrad
6. House Museum “ Penyo Penev” - Dimitrovgrad
7. National Astronomical Observatory and Planetarium "Giordano Bruno" - Dimitrovgrad
8. Sanctuary "Izvorat na nymphite" - Dimitrovgrad
9. Terarium - Mineralni bani