Bars and discos


Here you can find many establishments - restaurants and taverns that offer traditional Bulgarian cuisine as well as variety of foods from around the world. Some of the best restaurants in the city are those housed in old Renaissance houses. There you can feel the true spirit of old Haskovo. After an appetizing dinner at a restaurant located in Kenana Urban Forest Park, a must element is supervened walk in the park. And for those wanting something different, Haskovo offers a wild night life in a dance club, disco or piano bar. The Karaoke program of some restaurants is another option for those looking for a more unusual way of entertainment. An even more extravagant evening is the Salsa Club visit. Some Latin dances and a nice cocktail are not superfluous to anyone. The club is constantly developing thanks to the progressive and modern approach to teaching and dancing social Latin dances.





Haskovo, Svoboda Square 2


Haskovo, 1 Rakovska Str.


Haskovo, 1 Veliko Tarnovo Str.


Haskovo, 3A San Stefano Str.


Haskovo, Gradska bolnica square 1

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