Shopping is a great pleasure, especially for the women. It is not just about buying goods, but about the treatment, people are going through, especially women, or the better part of humankind. Regardless whether it's a simple shopping or a real shopping therapy, Haskovo is your town.
Small shops, bigger and even bigger :) shops, boutiques, and so on for all sorts of things! Maybe you can really find everything here! And it is concentrated in the large pedestrian area of the city, the center, the “charshiya”. And above the river, of course! In brief - you can spend a whole weekend shopping ... And many people do it. Especially our friends from neighboring Greece. Tour operators organize special shopping trips, provoked by the variety of goods, their quality and, last but not least, the low prices. For a moment, we would have forgotten. And men, do not worry, let your girl, girlfriend or beloved wife shop at will! It will not be (very) expensive. Prices are really attractive! And after a good shopping therapy in Haskovo, they will leave you calm for one to three months :) (the forecast is the result of long-term statistical surveys).